Life @ Medlife

Medlife is a very young and agile organization, well-structured to innovate and execute business ideas with full efficiency. The best part I like about Medlife team is the right mix of people with vast Industry knowledge and technology experience. The inquisitive nature, willingness to learn and adapt quickly, of almost everyone in the team is amazing. All in all, Medlife is an excellent place to be with lot of opportunities to learn and grow professionally”

Pradeep Nimma
State Business Manager

I love working for Medlife. It is known for its focus and knows exactly what goals need to be achieved. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond the current role and my career progression has been quite impressive .It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offer opportunities for advancement. The leaders have been very supportive to say the least. It has been an enriching experience!! Thank you Medlife

Apurvi Bajpai
Assistant Manager

“Great environment, Business Focus and opportunity to grow are the 3 points that define Medlife. At Medlife employees are valued for their work and sincerity. The people I get to work with has a wealth of experience and knowledge which gives a deep satisfaction to me as every day I get to learn something”.

Aruna Prabhakaran
Manager Customer Experience

My journey with Medlife started 2 years ago & its a wonderful experience to see the team grow from a handful to a few hundreds. As we built the team, it was not just addition of head count but creation of true value to the organisation. We are filled with highly talented resources who believe in helping each other grow not just personally but also professionally. Unlike other organisations, there’s so much to learn at Medlife as we get exposure to work with teams outside your domain. I am a HR Professional but got an opportunity to find bugs with QA Team. Learning never stops here…

We thrive to deliver things quickly without compromising on quality which often results in the adrenaline rush & satisfaction of accomplishing things beyond what we think we could have achieved. There is always a room for experimenting & innovating ways to achieve results swiftly.

We believe in bringing change in lives of millions & I am fortunate to be a part of this journey.

Priyanka KG
TA Manager

It has been a pleasure working with MEDLIFE as an organisation is known for its Focus & knows what goals need to be achieved, Medlife is a place for creative minds to apply their skills & knowledge and let their talent prosper in positive environment.

2yrs of association with this company & in its development has strengthened the bond & helped me Rise! If I look back & reflect on the golden days spent in the company, words would fall short, expressing my feelings the only thing that I can say is want to age with the firm.

Reason why I have been with the company is quality work, friendly work environment & Immense learning opportunities.

Poornima M.S
Manager-Operations FC

If you strongly believe in “There is no end to learning, but there are many beginnings”, Welcome to Medlife !!!

I would describe Medlife as a great place to learn, every single day. It provides ample opportunities and freedom for everyone to learn, prototype, experiment and implement highly scalable solutions using the best possible technology stack. If you are passionate about learning and love challenges, Medlife is the place to be.

Pranesh Vittal
Database Architect

I find Medlife as an org to solve new complexities and make an serious impact as an individual. As a manager, find very talented resources to work with. Ability to pick up new technology stacks to experiment and innovate, and build a product to stand for itself with most modern cloud solutions, hence find it a great career progress and great place to work technically. Opportunity to take ownership and drive product vertical, made me learn a lot and grow along with the org. Initially I was hesitant to pick a startup, as I come from heavy large enterprise background with my career, but felt very much worth it later, post joining Medlife.

Muthaiah Thiagarajan
Software Development Manager

“It’s been close to 1 years that I have been working in Medlife and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. Medlife is a good place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support. Medlife provides various trainings to all employees these have been of great help in grooming and development. The organization focuses on bringing out the best in an employee by creating a drive that is fueled by the willingness to contribute and ‘win’. It truly brings about a winning culture.

Nalin Bansal
Catalogue Manager

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